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Photomatix Pro 4.0
Публикувано във четвъртък, 30 септември 2010 в 00:05 часа от BgFotoNET
Фото софтуер

Photomatix Pro 4.0Photomatix Pro 4.0 е последната версия на популярния High Dynamic Range (HDR) софтуер. Версия 4 на Photomatix Pro добавя инструмент за селективно отстраняване на "призрачни" артефакти, панел с предварителни настройки, висококачествена редукция на шума и възможност за тонално картиране (tone map) на единично изображение в режим 8 bits/channel.

Цената за нов лиценз на  Photomatix Pro 4.0 е $99, докато ъпдейта от версия 3 е безплатен за всички регистрирани потребители...

Източник: Прессъобщение на HDRSoft

HDRSoft Press Release

Free trial - licensing costs US$99
Standalone application. Merges bracketed exposures into one image with details in both highlights and shadows:

- HDR image creation and Tone Mapping
- Exposure fusion
- Automatic alignment of hand-held photos
- Options for reduction of ghosting, noise and chromatic aberrations in HDR images
- Automation with powerful Batch Processing
- Lightroom plugin

When used in trial mode, Photomatix Pro is fully functional and never expires, but adds a watermark to images produced with one of the two Tone Mapping methods and 3 of the 5 exposure fusion modes.

Note: The upgrade from version 3 to version 4 is free of charge.

Main new features in v4.0
- Selective deghosting tool: enables users to select ghosted regions with a lasso tool, and change the preferred image taken for each selected region.
- Preset thumbnails panel: built-in and user presets for tone mapping and fusion show as thumbnails in a panel alongside the preview. Panel can be set in horizontal or vertical orientation.
- High quality noise reduction with new algorithm applied on source images (users can still use the old algorithm when the noise reduction is applied to the merged 32-bit HDR image).
- Ability to tone map a single image in 8 bits/channel mode.
- Unified dialog for HDR Tone Mapping and Exposure Fusion methods.
- Viewing of tone mapping or fusion settings embedded in processed image.
- Improved rendering of Tone Compressor tone mapping method with default settings and extension of the range of the Tonal Range Compression setting.

Other updates in v4.0
- Option in Preferences to customise default filename.
- Alignment with the “by matching feature” method now takes into account perspective correction in addition to rotation, translation and scaling.
- Faster upsampling of preview for tonemapping/fusion, with zooming control in the form of a slider instead of a stepper.
- Dialog enabling to adjust options when opening a single RAW file in order to tone map it.
- Batch of single files adds options for noise and CA reduction and RAW conversion white balance and color space.
- Transfer of lens information when available in source images in TIFF or JPEG format, or Canon RAW files (other camera manufacturers apparently encrypt the information).
- Transfer of XMP metadata information from the source to the resulting image.
- Embedding of tone mapping and fusion settings in images saved as JPEG (previously was only when saved as TIFF).
- Changed options in Preferences to bypass dialogs so that in enables to bypass all dialogs till tonemapping/fusion instead of just the dialog asking what to do with the dragged files.
- Faster processing and reduced memory usage for Fusion/Adjust.
- Ability to move selected slider and to zoom image using the mouse wheel.
- Photomatix Pro is now minimizing itself when reimporting into Lightroom.
- Added “Save Image” menu options which directly saves the file with default name and location set in Preferences, without showing dialog prompting for filename.
- Extended time for automatic bracket detection of batch processing from 8 to 64 seconds.
- Enabled zoom factor of less than 100% for the zoom slider of the Tone Mapping preview window, and adjusted fit-to-screen to replace the upsampling from the smallest size by a downsampling from the medium size.
- Set the DPI setting for exporting with the Lightroom plug-in to 300 pixels/inch instead of the Lightroom’s default of 240 pixels/inch.
- Made the Lightroom plug-in ignore the error returned by Lightroom when importing a photo that is already in the catalog.
- Added support for reading PSB files (8, 16 and 32 bits/channel).
- Multi-threading support added to RAW demosacing, parts of fusion/adjust and last part of “by matching features” alignment.
- Bug fixed: When the metadata of source files contained hierarchical keywords set in Lightroom, the hierarchical keyword structure was not preserved in the tone mapped tiff file.
- Bug fixed: Black Point setting for Fusion/Adjust had almost no effect
- Bug fixed: Opening a panorama displayed with a height of less than 400 pixels could make the HDR viewer crash.
- Bug fixed: Panning an image using the scrollbars could sometimes show a trail.
- Bug fixed: With some raw files thumbnails did not show on browser for loading files.
- Bug fixed: Loupe was opening on top of status bar when the task bar orientation is set to be on top.
- Bug fixed: Saving as Radiance when the image has a width higher than 32768 pixels produced invalid files (Radiance files need to be written uncompressed in this case, as RLE-compression requires that the image is less than 32768 pixels wide).

Професионални фотографии на невероятни цени...

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