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Bibble 5.2 Release Candidate
Публикувано във сряда, 22 декември 2010 в 04:35 часа от BgFotoNET
Фото софтуер

Bibble 5.1eВерсия 5.2 RC на Bibble вече е достъпна. Bibble 5.2 включва важни ъпдейти в няколко направления, както и голям брой малки подобрения и фиксирани бъгове, както и поддръжка за последните модели фотокамери.

Това е безплатен ъпдейт за всички текущи лицензирани притежатели на Bibble 5. Цената за нови потребители на Bibble 5 Pro в момента е на промоция $159.95 (нормална цена $199.95), докато цената на Bibble 5 Lite временно е $79.95 (нормално $99.95)...

За да свалите Bibble 5.2 Release Candidate  използвайте линка по-долу:

Bibble 5.2 Release Candidate

Източник: Прессъобщение на Bibble Labs

Bibble Labs Press Release

Release Candidate for Bibble 5.2 and Limited Time Discount

We’re thrilled to be able to announce this Release Candidate of Bibble 5.2. We’ve been working on this upgrade for a long time, and while we’ve still got some work left ahead of us, we feel that we’re ready to make this available now.  This is a free upgrade for all current Bibble 5 customers, and we’re also taking this opportunity to offer you a $40 discount off Bibble 5 Pro, and a $20 discount off Bibble 5 Lite though the end of the year.

Bibble 5.2 includes major upgrades in a couple areas, and it also includes a huge number of smaller improvements and bug fixes, as well as support for the latest cameras. We’ve made improvements to the Plugin SDK to allow more control and a broader set of adjustments by plugins. We’ve closed a huge number of bugs - a set of bugs dealing with Copy Batches, bugs causing crashes in certain conditions, bugs when writing out certain IPTC data to XMP files. We’ve included a few additional lens calibration parameters, and improved lens recognition for some Olympus cameras.

We’ve made workflow improvements, like auto-selecting newly created versions and selecting Master Versions when deleting duplicate versions, and added hotkeys to temporarily switch to the pan cursor, or to temporarily disable multi-view locking. We’ve added the ability to include a Preset on images when you import them, and improved many aspects of hiding, revealing, and switching tabs in the browser panel and the tools panel.

With any change of this size, there are likely to be new issues in here as well. But through our testing and with the help of our Beta community, we feel its time to open this to a broader audience. That’s you! When reporting issues or in other posts in our forums about this version, please include “b5.2 rc1” or something similar in the subject so we can all quickly identify the version you are discussing.

Bibble 5 Pro is available for a limited time for $159.95, regularly $199.95 and Bibble 5 Lite for $79.95, regularly $99.95.

New RAW Camera Support Added
• Nikon D3100, D7000, P7000
• Canon S95, G12
• Panasonic LX5, GH2, GF2
• Pentax K-5, K-r
• Olympus E-5
• Ricoh GXR P10

Selective Editing Enhancements
• Copy & Paste of Layers & Regions Create a layer on one image, and copy & paste that layer with its settings and regions to many other images.
• Regions transform with image adjustments Regions are updated and change shape when settings to the overall image cause the image to change shape.
• Added Region Blending Modes to allow regions to be set as “subtractive” so that they de-select portions of the image to adjust.

Other Additions and Updates
• Copy Sets Assign hotkeys to different groups of settings to selectively copy settings.
• Crop Preferences Tune the cropping tool just the way you want, making recomposition simple and easy.
• Bibble 4 settings files Metadata from “.bib” files from Bibble 4 are now imported into Bibble 5 if no other metadata is found.
• And much, much more See the full list on our website for more.

Професионални фотографии на невероятни цени...

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