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nama5 1.10 RAW Processor
Публикувано във сряда, 05 януари 2011 в 06:15 часа от BgFotoNET
Фото софтуер

nama5 1.10 RAW ProcessorНа пазара вече е налична версия 1.10 на програмата nama5 RAW Processor. В тази нова версия се добавя контрол над запълващата светлина, увеличаващ се контрол върху кривите, както и са налични подобрения на работата на програмата. nama5 RAW Processor е насочена към аматьори и напреднали любители, които току що са са навлезли в дигиталната RAW  фотография и искат да използват прост и в същото време добре работещ инструмент за обработка и експортиране на RAW фотографии.

nama5 RAW Processor се продава на цена €25. За повече информация, сваляне и купуване посетете линка по-долу:

nama5 1.10 RAW Processor

nama5 1.10 RAW Processor

Източник: Прессъобщение на nama5 s.r.o.

Press release (2010-12-24)
nama5 RAW processor

The nama5 s.r.o. is announcing the release of its new version of the nama5 RAW Processor, version 1.10. The nama5 RAW Processor is dedicated to amateur and slightly advanced photographers who are just getting familiar with the digital RAW photography and would like to have some simple and valuable tool for processing and exporting RAW format to more common JPEG or TIFF formats.

The nama5 RAW Processor supports dual-monitor desktop for effective workflow and multi-core processing allowing exporting more photos simultaneously. Naturally, nama5 RAW Processor is capable of real-time preview for all adjustments. It contains basic adjustments such as white balance, exposure compensation, contrast curve, crop, etc. as well as advanced adjustments such as highlight recovery, black&white filter, noise control and others. Export is available to the JPEG and the TIFF format (including 16bit TIFF).

What’s new
The major innovations in new version are Fill light control, zoomable curve control and performance improvements. Fill light control allows you to locally increase exposure while protecting highlights. Zoomable curve enables you to make detail contrast enhancements in dynamic range up to 1:1000 comparing to 1:250 dynamic range in older version. Performance improvements give in average 2x faster real-time preview.

Key features
• non-destructive 48-bit image processing (16-bit per color channel)
• wide RAW format support (full list of supported cameras is available on our web-site)
• dual-monitor support
• customizable multi-core processing and batch exporting
• highlight recovery tools
• black & white filter (simulating b&w “analog” film photography with color filters)
• unique zoomable contrast curve tool
• portability (small size, no installation needed)

System requirements
Computer capable of running at least Microsoft Windows XP and higher is recommended.

Pricing and availability
nama5 RAW Processor is available via e-shop on its homepage in downloadable version. New standard price per one license is 25 EUR (including 19% VAT). Discounted prices are available when buying more than 1 license. There is available also freeware DEMO version of our product as well which we strongly recommend to test before purchasing the full version to check the compatibility (especially with your camera!) and to find out if you like the program.

Професионални фотографии на невероятни цени...

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