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Axtremex UDMA 128GB CompactFlash Memory Card
Публикувано във понеделник, 17 януари 2011 в 18:50 часа от BgFotoNET
Фото конкурси

Axtremex UDMA 128GB CompactFlash Memory CardКомпанията Axtremex Technology пусна на пазара високопроизводителна 128GB 600x CompactFlash card. Axtremex UDMA 128GB поддържа до 90MB скорост на четене и до 60MB скорост на запис.

Наличен е и 64GB вариант на картата, като и двата модела използват висококачествени мемори чипове. Към момента картите Axtremex UDMA 128GB и Axtremex UDMA 64GB могат да бъдат закупени само от сайта, като цената за 128GB е $499,99...

Axtremex UDMA 128GB CompactFlash Memory Card

Axtremex UDMA 128GB CompactFlash Memory Card

Източник: Прессъобщение на Axtremex Technology

Axtremex Technology Press Release

Axtremex Technology and their distributor, LLC, are proud to announce the immediate availability of the world’s first 128 GB CompactFlash cards. While others have announced 128 GB CompactFlash cards, no one has announced or shipped a high performance 128 GB 600x card.

The Axtremex Ultra DMA 128 GB 600x card supports up to 90 Megabytes per second Read Speed and up to 60 Megabytes per second Write Speed.

In addition Axtremex is announcing the availability of a very high performance 64 GB CompactFlash card.

The Axtremex Ultra DMA 64 GB 600x Plus card supports with up to 90 Megabytes per second Read and Write Speeds.

Both cards are built using premium memory chips and may be used in a wide variety of devices, such as audio recorders, video recorders, still cameras, and other devices that use CompactFlash cards.
Of course not all devices will support these cards.

Axtremex Technology is happy to report that Convergent Designs has been testing these cards round the clock since November 1, 2010 and the cards have achieved “Fully Qualified” status from Convergent Designs.

Thus the cards may be used in the nanoFlash, nano3D and Flash XDR with confidence, at any bit-rate option up to and including the 220 Mbps speed. The nanoFlash and nano3D are state-of-the-art, compact-sized, HD/SD Video and Audio recording and playback devices.

These are Type 1 cards so it will fit into all CompactFlash card devices.

Initially these cards are available from  and other major dealers will be stocking them soon.

These high-performance cards are priced at $499.99 with a street price of $489.95.

For the 128 GB card, this is less than the cost of two quality 64 GB cards, and much less than the cost of two quality 600x CompactFlash cards. The 64 GB card is also priced less than any other card with similar specifications.

These cards have a Limited Lifetime Warranty by Axtremex Technology.


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