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Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FT3 (Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TS3)
Публикувано във вторник, 25 януари 2011 в 16:32 часа от BgFotoNET
Фото камери и обективи

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FT3 (Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TS3)Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FT3 позната още и като Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TS3 е нова подсилена компактна фотокамера. Резолюцията ѝ е 12.1 мегапиксела а обективът ѝ е 4.6, 28mm, може да заснема 920 x 1080 full-HD видео, наличен е режим  3D photo, GPS функционалност, компас, дълбокомер и дори барометър.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FT3 (TS3) е водоустойчива до дълбочина 12 м, устойчива на изпускане от височина до 2 м и устойчива на замръзване до -10°C. За съжаление датата на пускане на пазара и цената все още не са известни...

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FT3 (Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TS3)

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FT3 (TS3)

Източник: Прессъобщение на Panasonic

Panasonic Press Release

For Even More Powerful Outdoor Excitement
Photo/Movie Hybrid LUMIX DMC-FT3
Featuring Full-HD Movie Recording and Advanced GPS Function

Panasonic is pleased to introduce a new LUMIX DMC-FT3, specially geared for active outdoor use, incorporating more powerful features in even more rugged design. The new 12.1-megapixel FT3 further strengthen its toughness to be waterproof to 12m with shockproof to 2m, freezeproof to -10 degrees C and dustproof reliability. The built-in GPS function, compass, altimeter and barometer are all newly incorporated for users to enjoy active outdoor even more.

The LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens in folded optics boasts not only high quality image but also rugged design. Starting at the 28mm wide angle, and zooming up to a useful 4.6x in telephoto, this camera gives you the flexibility for virtually all shooting scenes — especially underwater, where movement is often restricted and the angle of view becomes important for composing your shots.

Empowered by a newly developed 12.1-megapixel Hi-Speed CCD sensor, the DMC-FT3 is compatible with high-speed, large-capacity signal processing required for 1920 x 1080 full-HD movie recording in AVCHD and high speed continuous shooting. And the advanced image processing LSI, the Venus Engine FHD, assures high picture quality in both photo and movie recording. It also compiles the Intelligent Resolution technology to perform the optimum signal processing depending on the part of a picture to give a whole image outstandingly natural clearness with fine details. The powerful 4.6x optical zoom* increases its power to 6x equivalent with the Intelligent Zoom function taking advantage of the Intelligent Resolution technology maintaining the picture quality even using digital zoom. The Sonic Speed AF and a quick start-up time give the DMC-FT3 super high speed response that helps to catch even the most fleeting photo opportunities.

The iA (Intelligent Auto) mode is also evolved. For more correction effect in movie recording, Active Mode is added to the conventional POWER O.I.S. It excels in suppressing blur when recording movie at wide angle in shooting while walking. Together with the POWER O.I.S., the DMC-FT3 powerfully prevents blur in both photo and movie recording. The Motion Deblur mode* is also available by updating the motion detection (Intelligent ISO Control) and brightness control (Intelligent Exposure) to gain as high shutter speed as possible. Face Recognition, Face Detection, AF Tracking, Intelligent ISO Control, Intelligent Scene Selector and Intelligent Exposure work appropriately just by entering the iA mode for any user to take beautiful photos with maximum ease.

The newly added Lumix Image Uploader realizes direct, instant image sharing via Facebook(photo) or YouTube(movie) with any PC on the spot to let users enjoy communication with photos and movies they take. The realistic, less-distorted 3D image produced by DMC-FT3 with the new 3D Photo mode can also be enjoyed on a VIERA 3D HDTV or other MPO-compatible 3D equipment.

Take DMC-FT3 out for your outdoor adventures anywhere in any season – diving, snorkeling, surfing, climbing, skiing or snowboarding, camping - and bring back tremendous record of memory in stunning photos or in full-HD.

*The picture size may be reduced.
•The “AVCHD” is a high definition (HD) digital video recording / playback format jointly established by Panasonic Corporation and Sony Corporation.
•The “AVCHD” and the “AVCHD ” logo are trademarks of Panasonic Corporation and Sony Corporation.
•AVCHD motion images recorded onto an SD
Memory Card or a DVD disc cannot be played from a device that does not support the AVCHD standard.

•Facebook and the Facebook logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Facebook, Inc.
•YouTube is a trademark of Google Inc.

1. Tough Body with Rugged Design and A Host of Advanced Functions for Even Higher Outdoor Excitement
With the enhanced toughness, the FT3 is waterproof to a depth of 12m and dustproof equivalent to the “IPX8” and “IPX6” standard. Thanks to rubber padding and reinforced glass and carbon resins inside the camera, the FT3 features an airtight body protected against water immersion, dust and sand. Previously, there were two separate terminal covers for battery/memory card and for connection cables but these are relocated at one part covered by a single door. With the minimum apertural area, the DMC-FT3 boasts even higher tightness of sealing to withstand pressure in underwater as deep as 12m.

The FT3 is drop proof from a height up to 2.0m in accordance with the “MIL-STD 810F Method516.5-Shock” test standard. In addition to reinforcing the exterior of the camera with shock-resistant material, the FT3 uses folded optics to prevent its lens unit from taking damage when dropped during operation. The lens unit is protected by a supplementary damper to absorb the force from shock impact. All components including the lens unit are reexamined to endure the temperature as low as -10 degrees C to make the FT3 freezeproof.

The DMC-FT3 newly integrates GPS function, which is popular in the travel camera LUMIX TZ/ZS series. It shows the name of the Country/Region, State/Prov./County, County/Township, City/Town/Village and Landmark using the internal data to give users real-time information of the place when taking photos to add fun of photo shooting during travel. The area information covers 203 countries or regions for global use. Plus, more than 1,000,000 of landmark information covers 78 countries or regions. The photos and movies with the location names are automatically sorted in the virtual folder alphabetically in the camera allowing quick reach. You can also refer to the location names via the included software PHOTOfunSTUDIO 6.1 HD Lite Edition. It is also easy to sort or search images by the location names. Internal clock of the camera is automatically adjusted to the local time of the place where the camera is, so you do not have to set the clock manually whether you go abroad or come back home.

Not only that, the FT/TS series is the camera specially designed for active outdoor use adopts compass, altimeter and even barometer to show and record altitude, barometric pressure and orientation data. The barometer also works for indicator for depth underwater. The rugged design, GPS and the advanced measuring equipments offers a variety of fun in wide-ranging situations. Take out the camera to fishing or camping in the springtime, to diving, snorkeling, surfing in summer, or mountain climbing in autumn and to skiing or snowboarding in winter – The DMC-FT3 is an all-year-round active field player to record stunning memories in beautiful photo and movie.

© 2010 NAVTEQ All rights reserved.
This service uses POI (Points Of Interest) of ZENRIN CO., LTD.
“POWERED BY ZENRIN” is a trademark of ZENRIN CO., LTD. ©2011 ZENRIN CO., LTD. All rights reserved.

•GPS may not work in China or in the border regions of countries neighboring China.
•Depending on the locations, it may not be possible to correctly receive the signals from the GPS satellites. In such cases, positioning may not be possible, or significant positioning discrepancy may occur.
•Information measured on this unit is only a rough indication. Do not use it for technical purposes.
•When using this unit for full-scale mountain climbing, trekking, or underwater, use the measured information (bearing, altitude, depth, atmospheric pressure) only as a rough indication, and always carry a map and purpose-built measurement tools.

3. Advanced Signal Processing System with New 12.1-megapixel Hi-Speed CCD and High Performance Venus Engine FHD and 28mm Wide-Angle LEICA DC Lens with 6x Intelligent Zoom*
The newly developed 12.1-megapixel CCD with 2-channel signal output structure boasts higher signal transfer speed for the operations that require high performance and speed such as 1920x1080 full HD movie recording and high speed continuous shooting. The picture quality is also improved thanks to the approx.25% higher sensitivity* which is made possible by highly efficient light condensation adoption larger on-chip micro lenses.

For the image processor, the Venus Engine FHD is incorporated that features exceptionally advanced signal processing capabilities. By separating chromatic noise from luminance noise and applying the optimal noise reduction to each, you can capture clear and beautiful images even when shooting at high ISO sensitivity levels. The Venus Engine FHD also provides precisely selective noise reduction to the chromatic noise without affecting the border of colors which is judged from the brightness level of a pixel. With the Intelligent Resolution technology, 3 areas — outlines, detailed texture areas and soft gradation areas are automatically detected. The outline parts are enhanced effectively to give edges more clearness while giving a moderate accentuation to the texture areas to look more finely detailed. To the soft gradation part, superior noise reduction process of the Venus Engine FHD is applied to make it smoother. Apart from the uniform enhancement of sharpness, the innovative technology, Intelligent Resolution, precisely performs signal processing pixel by pixel in the most effective way for it. As a result, images are naturally clear and crisp in both photo and movie recording.

Linking smoothly with the new Hi-Speed CCD sensor, the Venus Engine FHD processes a large amount of signals at high speed, making it possible to record 1,920 x 1,080 full-HD movie recording and high resolution consecutive shots at 3.7 fps in 12.1-megapixel full resolution and max.10 fps at 3-megapixel recording.

At the same time, the multi-task image-processing engine, the Venus Engine FHD realizes a super-fast response time. The shutter release time lag is as short as approx. 0.005 second and the camera’s quick response makes it easier to capture sudden, spur-of-the-moment photo opportunities together with the Sonic Speed AF (Auto Focus) which boasts approx.28% faster speed compared with the DMC-FT2. The Venus Engine FHD also supports a High Sensitivity mode that lets the DMC-FT3 record at a setting of up to ISO 6400, sensitive enough to capture subjects in near-total darkness without using a flash.**
The FT3 incorporates a high-quality LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR 28mm wide-angle lens with a 4.6x optical zoom(35mm equivalent:28-128mm). The folded optics of shaft guide method is adopted to secure the toughness of the lens unit. Comprising 10 elements and a prism unit in 8 groups, including 1 ED lens and 5 aspherical lenses with 6 aspherical surfaces passing the Leica’s stringent standards to deliver exceptional optical performance to the edges. Thanks to the newly incorporated Intelligent Resolution technology, the Intelligent Zoom is available with the FT3 which extends the zoom ratio by approx. 1.3x maintaining the picture quality even combining the digital zoom. This means the 4.6x optical can virtually extend to 6x equivalent. Furthermore, the Extra Optical Zoom function that extends zoom power to 9.1x (at 3-megapixel resolution) by using the center part of the CCD to bring subjects even closer.

*In comparison with conventional LUMIX 12-megapixel model
** In 3-megapixel (4:3), 2.5-megapixel (3:2), 2-megapixel (16:9) recording.

3. Enjoy 1,920 x 1,080 Full-HD Movie Recording in AVCHD with the Advanced iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode featuring O.I.S. Active Mode
According to the rise of movie recording popularity, digital cameras are now more compatible with it. Now, the DMC-FT3 has recording capability of AVCHD movie even in 1,920 x 1,080 full-HD. The AVCHD format features almost doubling the recording time in HD quality compared with the conventional Motion JPEG. The picture quality is greatly enhanced thanks to the Intelligent Resolution technology. The DMC-FT3 also boasts Dolby Digital Creator to record high quality audio.

On the DMC-FT3, the popular iA (Intelligent Auto) is also available in motion image recording. For more effective countermeasure against blur, the Active Mode is newly equipped for an option of image stabilization in movie recording. In addition to the conventional POWER O.I.S., the Active Mode is especially effective in active movie recording at wide angle such as shooting while walking.

The POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer), Face Detection, and Intelligent Scene Selector also support shooting beautiful movie with ease. The Intelligent Scene Selector automatically switches between Normal, Portrait, Macro, Scenery, and Low Light modes according to the situation to optimize visual quality. The Intelligent Exposure that also optimizes the exposure to prevent over/under exposure part from occurring.

The 4.6x optical zoom is available in movie recording, too. With the Video Divide function, users can divide the video into two sections to shorten or delete the unwanted part on the spot in the camera. You can cut out a clear still image from a movie in the camera thanks to the Intelligent Resolution technology. A Wind Cut function is also available to block out most of the noise from background wind. A host of options enhances the usability and fun of recording high quality full-HD movie.

・Motion images can be recorded continuously for up to 29 min 59 sec.
・If [Rec Quality] is set to [GFS] or [FSH], and if the surrounding temperature is high, or motion picture is recorded continuously, is displayed, and the recording may be stopped halfway through.

【Other Region】
・Motion images can be recorded continuously for up to 29 min 59 sec if [Rec Quality] is set to [GFS] or [FSH].
・If [Rec Quality] is set to [GFS] or [FSH], and if the surrounding temperature is high, or motion picture is recorded continuously, is displayed, and the recording may be stopped halfway through.

•Continuous recording exceeding 2GB is not possible when recording motion JPEG. Remaining time for continuous recording is displayed on the screen.
•Use a card with SD Speed Class with “Class 4” or higher when recording motion pictures in [AVCHD]. Also, use a card with SD Speed Class with “Class 6” or higher when recording motion pictures in [MOTION JPEG].
* SD Speed Class is the speed standard regarding continuous writing.

4. The Evolving iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode Makes Every Photo and Movie More Beautiful
Panasonic incorporated the Intelligent Auto mode in pursuit of the ultimate ease of operation and the reduction of misshots. In the iA mode, the camera does all the work, leaving you free to compose shots and capture moments. Just press, aim and shoot.

For more effective countermeasure against blur, the Active Mode is newly equipped with DMC-FT3 for an option of image stabilization in movie recording. This mode is especially effective in active movie recording at wide angle such as shooting while walking.

With the DMC-FT3, the Motion Deblur mode* is incorporated to prevent blur even more powerfully. The mode is a comprehensive integration of Intelligent ISO Control which automatically adjusts ISO setting and shutter speed according to the subject’s movement and the advanced contrast control system of Intelligent Exposure that also optimizes the exposure to prevent over/under exposure part in a picture. The camera judges the appropriate shutter speed to suppress the motion blur according to the movement of the subject. The shutter speed rises as high as possible activating the high sensitivity recording by pixel mixed readout method. Combined the newly incorporated Active Mode, the DMC-FT3 thoroughly prevents blur in both photo and movie recording.

Not only those, the Face Recognition function remembers registered faces to give an appropriate AF/AE on the people while removing the unwanted red-eye. The Intelligent Scene Selector automatically selects whichever of 6 Scene modes - Macro, Portrait, Scenery, Night Portrait, Night Scenery and Sunset - that best suit the shooting situation.

In addition, the Intelligent Resolution technology is always activated in the iA mode which results in the clearer and higher picture quality in every photo and movie with extended zoom range equivalent to 6x optical zoom by the Intelligent Zoom.

Plus, the light control of flash is optimized according to the scene more precisely and the portrait shots using flash, which tends to be overexposed, are now even more beautiful.

Once you enter the iA mode, these functions happen automatically together with other powerful shooting-assist functions - AF Tracking, Intelligent ISO Control and Intelligent Exposure - so you can shoot without the bother of adjusting settings every time conditions change. You can enjoy easy, trouble-free shooting in any situation and get the satisfaction that comes with capturing clear, beautiful images.

*The picture size may be reduced.

5. Other Exciting Features for More Fun of Photography
    The DMC-FT3 features a new way of communication by sharing photo or movies taken by users via LUMIX Image Uploader. All you have to do is checkmark the photos you want to share in the camera and connect it to a PC with an included USB cable or just by inserting the SD
Memory Card to the slot of PC.  Uploading automatically starts just by following the guidance. You can add comment and let your friends know the update of your album via e-mail consequently. Facebook can be used for photos and YouTube for movies. Users can join these social networking service without installation of special software. It is easy to share photo and movies on the spot, which means that your friends do not have to wait for you to come back home.

    A 2.7-inch, 230,000-dot Intelligent LCD with wide-viewing angle and AR (Anti-Reflection) coating is equipped with DMC-FT3. The screen brightness automatically adjusts in 11 steps as the surrounding brightness level changes, ensuring easy visibility at all times. The big screen reflects fine details, making it easy to check the focus before shooting. It also serves as a small photo and video viewer, allowing the user and friends to enjoy viewing the still and motion images together.

Scene modes, which are optimized for a variety of still-image shooting situations, are now available for motion images as well. The most commonly used scene modes for outdoor photography including Sports, Snow, and Beach & Snorkeling can be accessed directly via the mode button.

The newly added 3D Photo mode produces a realistic, less-distorted 3D image out of 20 consecutive images shot with panning. The 3D image can be viewed on VIERA 3D HDTV. The format of 3D image is compatible with MPO which can be played back on other MPO-compatible equipment such as TV, Digital Photo Frame or Printing.

Photos and Movies taken with DMC-FT3 can be output to display them on a large HDTV via a micro HDMI. The built-in LED light greatly supports shooting in dark situations. The optional marine case (DMW-MCFT3) is available for underwater photography even to 40m.

•Facebook and the Facebook logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Facebook, Inc.
•YouTube is a trademark of Google Inc.

PHOTOfunSTUDIO 6.1 HD Lite Edition
The PHOTOfunSTUDIO 6.1 HD Lite Edition makes it possible to sort and organize photos not only of those newly taken but also of those stored in your PC with quick start-up and fast read-in of images. The images recorded with GPS information are automatically sorted by the place name making it easy and fun to organize the images taken on your travel. For the portraits, the Face Recognition function that recognizes the faces in the picture automatically sorts the photos by the registered faces without picking out each photo one by one when you only want pictures of a specific person.
Recorded movies can be edited with the Short Movie Story function and written into MPEG2 to burn onto a DVD disc. You can also enjoy making photo and movie slideshows with a variety of effects and use your iTunes music library as background music. It is also possible to put a title or add comments on the scene utilizing the information from the place names recorded with GPS and from the people’s names registered in Face Recognition. In addition to the direct connection of the camera, you can upload photos to Facebook and movie to YouTube via this software, too.

Waterproof/Dustproof Performance
This camera’s waterproof/dustproof rating complies with the “IPX8” and “IP6X” ratings. Provided the care and maintenance guidelines described in this document are strictly followed, this camera can operate underwater, to a depth not exceeding 12 m for a time not exceeding 60 minutes. (*1)

Anti-shock Performance
This camera also complies with “MIL-STD 810F Method 516.5-Shock”. The camera has cleared a drop test from a height of 2 m onto 3 cm thick plywood. In most cases this camera should not sustain any damage if dropped from a height not exceeding 2 m. (*2)

This does not guarantee no destruction, no malfunction, or waterproofing in all conditions.

*1 This means that the camera can be used underwater for specified time in specified pressure in accordance with the handling method established by Panasonic.
*2 “MIL-STD 810F Method 516.5-Shock” is the test method standard of the U.S. Defense Department, which specifies performing drop tests from a height of 122 cm, at 26 orientations (8 corners, 12 ridges, 6 faces) using 5 sets of devices, and passing the 26 orientation drops within 5 devices. (If failure occurs during the test, a new set is used to pass the drop orientation test within a total of 5 devices)
Panasonic’s test method is based on the above “MIL-STD 810F Method 516.5-Shock”. However, the drop height was changed from 122 cm to 200 cm dropping onto 3 cm thick plyboard. This drop test was passed. (Disregarding appearance change such as loss of paint or distortion of the part where drop impact is applied.)

Handling of the camera
・Waterproofing is not guaranteed if the unit is subject to an impact as a result of being hit or dropped etc. If an impact to the camera occurs, it should be inspected (subject to a fee) by a Panasonic’s Service Centre to verify that the waterproofing is still effective.
・ When the camera is splashed with detergent, soap, hot spring, bath additive, sun oil, sun screen, chemical, etc., wipe it off immediately.
・Waterproof function of the camera is for sea water and fresh water only.
・ Any malfunction caused by customer misuse, or mishandling will not be covered by the warranty.
・The inside of this unit is not waterproof. Water leakage will cause malfunction.
・Supplied accessories are not waterproof (excluding strap).
・Card and battery are not waterproof. Do not handle with a wet hand. Also, do not insert wet card or battery into the camera.
・Do not leave the camera for a long period of time in places where temperature is very low (at ski resorts or at high altitude etc.) or very high (above 40 oC), inside a car under strong sunlight, close to a heater, on the beach, etc. Waterproof performance may be degraded.

*Leica is a registered trademark of Leica Microsystems IR GmbH.
*The LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lenses are manufactured using measurement instruments and quality assurance systems that have been certified by
Leica Camera AG based on the company’s quality standards.
*The “AVCHD” is a high definition (HD) digital video recording / playback format jointly established by Panasonic Corporation and Sony Corporation.
*The “AVCHD” and the “AVCHD ” logo are trademarks of Panasonic Corporation and Sony Corporation.
*AVCHD motion images recorded onto an SD
Memory Card or a DVD disc cannot be played from a device that does not support the AVCHD standard.
*Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
*HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC.
*YouTube is a trademark of Google Inc.
*All other company and product names are trademarks of their respective corporations.
*This unit is compatible with both SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Cards. You can only use SDHC Memory Cards on devices that are compatible with them. You cannot use SDHC Memory Cards on devices that are only compatible with
SD Memory Cards. (When using an SDHC Memory Card on another device, be sure to read the operating instructions for that device.)
*Some accessories are not available in some countries.
*The use of recorded or printed materials that are protected by copyright for any purpose other than personal enjoyment is prohibited, as it would infringe upon the rights of the copyright holder.
*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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