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Pentax WG1 и Pentax WG1 GPS
Публикувано във петък, 11 февруари 2011 в 18:09 часа от BgFotoNET
Фото камери и обективи

Pentax WG1 GPSPentax Optio WG1 и Pentax WG1 GPS са две нови компактни фотокамери  с резолюция 14 мегапиксела, предназначени за пътешественици и ентусиасти. И двете фотокамери са издръжливи на изтърване от 1.5 метра, на натиск от 100 килограма и на температура от -10°C, като разбира се са и водонепропускливи до дълбочина от 10 метра. Разликата между двата модела е единствено в GPS модула присъстващ в Pentax WG1 GPS.

И двата модела ще се появят на пазара през месец март тази година като Pentax WG1 ще е наличен в черно/синьо и бордо, а Pentax WG1 GPS ще се предлага в зелено/черно. Цената ще е £269 и £299 съответно...

Pentax WG1 GPS

Pentax WG1

Pentax WG1 GPS

Pentax WG1

Pentax WG1 GPS

Pentax WG1

Pentax WG1 GPS

Pentax WG1

Източник: Прессъобщение на Pentax UK

Pentax UK Press Release

Optio WG1 and WG1 GPS

PENTAX Imaging Systems has broadened its outdoor camera line-up, with the launch of two brand new all terrain models: the Optio WG1 and the Optio WG1-GPS.

Both new models are even more robust and resistant than previous cameras making them the perfect choice for dedicated outdoor use.

The new Optio WG1 is the perfect choice even for the most adventurous outdoor enthusiast. This compact camera has exceptional shockproof and crush proof capabilities which enable it to withstand a freefall from 1.5 meters high and the pressure of a weight of up to 100 Kg. The Optio WG1 can also endure extreme temperatures as it is cold proof up to -10°C. Thrill seekers who prefer underwater adventures can take advantage of the fact that the Optio WG1 is also waterproof up to 10 metres.

The Optio WG1 GPS offers all the functionality of the Optio WG1 with an added geotagging feature. Thanks to a built-in GPS function, the Optio WG1 GPS automatically calculates and stores your ground positioning data (latitude/longitude) as well as the date. So, back home, you can locate your photos on a map (Google Earth, FlickR, Picasa…), no matter how far off the beaten track you have gone.

The Optio WG1 and WG1-GPS both come in a unique and rugged aluminum-alloy body. Equipped with a 14 megapixel CCD sensor, both models guarantee amazingly realistic photos. The wide-angle 5x optical zoom (equivalent to a 28mm – 140mm in 35mm) and its 1cm macro function also enables you to take all kinds of pictures : landscapes, architecture, portraits, close-ups or far-away subjects …

Both models also feature a 2.7 inch LCD screen with a 230 000 dots resolution and a 16/9 format, HD video recording function (1280 x 720 pixels) at 30 frames per second, an “enhanced microscope” function allowing you to enlarge pictures by up to 6 times, face priority, smile detection and a blinking alert function, allowing you to take great pictures every time, no matter what adventure you are on!

The Optio WG1 comes in black/blue and in purple, and the Optio WG1-GPS comes in green and grey/black.

So whether you are an extreme sports fan who enjoys surfing, snowboarding, bungee jumping, freestyle skiing, mountain climbing or skydiving or just want a camera that won’t break under the stresses and strains of everyday life, the Optio WG1 and Optio WG1 GPS offer something for everyone.

The OPTIO WG1: RRP: £269
The OPTIO WG1 GPS: RRP: £299
Both models will be available from all good retailers in March 2011

About PENTAX Imaging Systems
PENTAX Imaging Systems is a leading supplier of recreational cameras and photographic equipment world-wide, with a long standing UK brand heritage.  Its product range is extensive and includes state of the art digital SLR, bridge and zoom compact cameras and an extensive range of high performance lenses and accessories.  In addition, it has a superb range of binoculars, suitable for a variety of leisure activities.

PENTAX successfully distributes its products through a number of channels, including independent camera shops, mass merchandisers and national multiple retailers - both on and offline.

PENTAX Imaging Systems Limited is a branch of PENTAX Europe Imaging Systems (SAS), a subsidiary of HOYA CORPORATION of Japan.


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