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Olympus SZ-30MR и Olympus SZ-20
Публикувано във четвъртък, 03 март 2011 в 04:05 часа от BgFotoNET
Фото камери и обективи

Olympus SZ-30MROlympus SZ-30MR и Olympus SZ-20 са две нови компактни суперзум фотокамери. SZ-30MR предлага 24x оптично увеличение и е първата фотокамера, предлагаща едновременен запис на 1080p Full HD видео и фотографии с 16 мегапиксела резолюция. SZ-20 е тънка компактна фотокамера предлагаща 12.5x оптично увеличение.

И двата модела са екипирани с 16 мегапикселов CMOS сензор със задна подсветка, могат да записват 1080p Full HD видео, имат LCD дисплей с диагонал ~7,62 см. (3”) и предлагат режим 3D photo shooting.

И двата модела ще се появят на пазара през месец април тази година на цена £299.99 за Olympus SZ-30MR, докато цената на Olympus SZ-20 все още не е потвърдена...

Olympus SZ-30MR

Olympus SZ-30MR

Olympus SZ-30MR

Olympus SZ-30MR

Olympus SZ-30MR

Olympus SZ-30MR

Olympus SZ-20

Olympus SZ-20

Olympus SZ-20

Olympus SZ-20

Olympus SZ-20

Olympus SZ-20

Източник: Прессъобщение на Olympus

Olympus Press Release

Introducing the first ever camera to capture Full HD movies & 16 Megapixel stills simultaneously

Olympus Super Zoom Series posts another world first

New SZ-30MR & SZ-20 deliver high-tech at its finest

Hamburg, 2 March 2011 – When Olympus launched the SZ-10 in February, it was hard to believe the zoom in a compact camera could get any more powerful. The new SZ-30MR proves that it can. With a jaw-dropping 24x wide optical zoom (25-600mm*), this state-of-the-art flagship breaks all the rules in the compact category – and it breaks records too. The SZ-30MR is the first camera ever to offer simultaneous recording of 1080p Full HD movies and 16 Megapixel still photos. So with the SZ-30MR, users can shoot in high resolution with different combinations of recording modes at once, and then share their shots in the format of their choice. For example, as a movie and digital still or a wide-angle shot and a close-up. Like the SZ-30MR, the new SZ-20 is astonishingly slender for a camera with huge zooming power. The super-slim design makes both SZ models ideal for people who like to travel light but insist on the very best spec. With a backlit CMOS sensor for excellent pictures in low light, 3D photo shooting and Eye-Fi card compatibility, these cameras combine practicality with beauty and sheer imaging power. The SZ-30MR is available for £299.99, the SZ-20 to be confirmed both from late April 2011.

MR is for a Multi Recording
The SZ-30MR is the world’s first camera to record 1080p Full HD movie and 16 Megapixel stills at the same time – thanks to an ingenious feature Olympus calls Multi Recording. For anyone who’s ever shot a scene one way, then (when it was too late) wished they’d done everything differently, MR is a must. Dual Engine TruePic III+ image processors give the
SZ-30MR the power to record simultaneously in more than one mode, and in a variety of combinations. Users can record two different movies at once: in wide-angle and close-up; Full HD and lower resolution; or original and filtered (using one of the SZ-30MR’s seven Magic Filters for movies). In addition, with the Photo with Movie Clip setting, it’s now possible to capture moving footage before and after taking a single photo. These innovations give users the fun and flexibility of sharing their shots in a variety of media – from full-size prints to video clips for their favourite social media website. Both new models come with wireless Eye-Fi compatibility, so they can upload photos automatically to the Web – no cables required.

SZ is for Super Zoom
The Super Zoom SZ Series lives up to its name with a 24x wide optical zoom on the SZ-30MR and an equally impressive 12.5x super wide optical zoom on the significantly lower priced SZ-20. With this sort of zooming power it’s easy to take exceptional shots, from the expressive face of a gargoyle high up on a church roof to an emotive movie close-up of battling athletes. The pixel-rich 1080p Full HD movie format ensures the best moving picture quality currently available in a compact camera – with breathtaking realism, clarity and colour when users play back on a large Full HD TV.

S is for state-of-the-art
The SZ-30MR and SZ-20 are packed with the smartest technology the compact camera world has to offer, giving users a host of features that make it easy to get creative, transfer movies or photos wirelessly and capture just the shot they want in excellent quality. Both cameras offer 3D still photo shooting and eight Magic Filters, including the new Sparkle and Watercolour options. Pet Detection mode automatically snaps dog or cat faces just as they look up, while with Smart Panorama, users simply pan from side to side to get a sweeping panorama picture.

The SZ-30MR is available for £299.99, the SZ-20 to be confirmed both from late April 2011

Distinguishing features:

Image Quality
• 24x wide optical zoom (25-600mm*) for exceptional close-ups

Creativity & Flexibility
• Multi Recording with Dual Engine TruePic III+ image processor for recording movies and photos simultaneously, or two movies in different modes or from different angles

Image Quality
• 12.5x super wide optical zoom (24-300mm*) for superb close-ups
• TruePic III+ image processor for ideal colour reproduction and low noise

Common features:
Image Quality
• 1080p Full HD Movie with sound for capturing movies in the best image quality currently available in compact cameras
• 16 Megapixel backlit CMOS sensor for high-resolution, superb-quality full-size movies, stills and prints, even in low light
• Dual Image Stabilisation for reducing blur with fast-moving shots

• 3” colour LCD (460,000 dots) for easily framing, reviewing and sharing shots
• Smart Panorama for capturing sweeping stills just by panning the camera
• Handheld Starlight Mode for shooting blur-free at night without a tripod
• Advanced Face Detection and Shadow Adjustment Technology for capturing people’s faces just as you want them
• Beauty Mode for hiding unwanted blemishes
• Intelligent Auto Mode (i-Auto) and AF Tracking for easy setting and focussing
• Pet Detection Mode for automatically capturing dog’s or cat’s faces when they look at the camera
• Scene Mode for automatic settings that suit specific conditions
(e.g., Landscape, Night)

Creativity & Flexibility
• Eye-Fi Card compatibility for automatic wireless uploading of images to a website or PC
• 3D photo shooting mode for striking stills
• Magic Filters for adding creative effects to HD movies and/or stills:
Punk, Pop Art, Pin Hole, Drawing, Soft Focus, Fish Eye, plus new Sparkle (photos only) and Watercolour

Other key features
• Photo surfing and [ib] software for browsing, organising and viewing images by person, place, location or event
• HDMI technology for controlling your camera from one remote when it’s connected to HD equipment
• ISO 80 to 3200
• SDHC and SDXC memory card compatible**
• Built-in flash
• In-camera manual
• USB charging

* 35mm camera equivalent.
** SD is a trademark of SD Card Association.

For a full list of features, please go to


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