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NEC SpectraView Reference 301 и NEC MultiSync PA301W
Публикувано във понеделник, 28 март 2011 в 01:25 часа от BgFotoNET
Фото оборудване и аксесоари

NEC SpectraView Reference 301 / NEC MultiSync PA301WБританската компания Color Confidence, потвърди наличието в своя сайт на последните 30” SpectraView Reference и  MultiSync монитори от NEC.

NEC SpectraView Reference 301 LCD monitor (£2915) предлага стандартна професионална цветова точност и притежава редица екстри като 10-bit P-IPS широкоекранна матрица, 14-bit Look-up-table за всеки RGB канал и система picture-in-picture позволяваща работа с две изображения едновременно.

NEC MultiSync PA301W - BK LCD monitor е бюджетното предложение със същият диагонал на екрана предлагащо също добро цветопредаване но само някои от екстрите на SpectraView Reference модела на разбира се значително по-ниска цена £1519.

Технически спецификации:

NEC SpectraView Reference 301 LCD monitor:

  • 30” 10-bit P-IPS TFT LCD display
  • Wide colour gamut – 107% size/98% coverage AdobeRGB
  • Includes SpectraView Profiler calibration software and monitor hood
  • Integrated USB Hub (2 up, 3 down)
  • Picture-in-picture function allows you to work on two images simultaneously
  • Backlight Ageing Correction function stabilises brightness as well as white point drift by compensating the natural ageing of the CCFL backlights
  • Digital Uniformity feature ensures precise and sharp colour reproduction
  • Ergonomically mastered for comfortable viewing with Ergo and TORO Design
  • 14-bit Look-up-table for 42-bit colour control
  • 3 year warranty

NEC MultiSync PA301W - BK LCD monitor:

  • 30” IPS TFT LCD display with 16:10 aspect ratio and 2560 x 1600 optimum resolution
  • Winner of the prestigious iF 2010 Design Award for display design innovation
  • Windows 7 compatible
  • Built-in carbon savings meter
  • True 10-bit P-IPS performance
  • Picture-in-picture function allows you to work on two images simultaneously
  • Integrated USB Hub (2 up, 3 down)
  • Digital Uniformity feature ensures precise and sharp colour reproduction
  • Ergonomically mastered for comfortable viewing with Ergo and TORO Design
  • 3 year warranty

NEC SpectraView Reference 301 и NEC MultiSync PA301W

NEC SpectraView Reference 301 / NEC MultiSync PA301W

Източник: Прессъобщение на Color Confidence

Color Confidence Press Release

Color Confidence confirm the latest additions to the NEC SpectraView & MultiSync family

Best in class for colour critical work and no compromise image quality
Numerous benefits and features for quick, easy and powerful results
The latest NEC SpectraView Reference and MultiSync models - 30” viewing areas with uncompromising viewing quality

Birmingham, UK, 23rd March 2011 - Official, value-added distributor for NEC in the UK, Color Confidence, has today confirmed availability of the latest 30” SpectraView Reference and MultiSync additions to the NEC monitor range. Both monitors deliver uncompromising image quality and levels of colour accuracy, offer a range of new and innovative features and class-leading ergonomics, making them a perfect choice for photographers, designers and colour professionals. You can learn more about these new award-winning NEC models, together with our full range of monitors, buyer guides, comparison charts and technical articles, by visiting

The new NEC SpectraView Reference 301 LCD widescreen monitor offers professional standard colour accuracy, and boasts numerous features and benefits, including:

View your images with confidence - From any angle with the powerful 10-bit P-IPS wide format display
Consistent colours - Across the entire screen with Digital Uniformity Control
Outstanding control & colour space emulation - With a 14-bit Look-up-table for each RGB channel
Picture-in-picture - Allows you to work on two images simultaneously
Calibrate - With the built-in SpectraView Profiler software quickly and easily. The software communicates directly with the monitor which means that no data is lost and colours appear more true to life
Complete with monitor hood - To shield unwanted light in creating a colour accurate working environment

Together with an extensive range of enhanced and improved characteristics, building on the excellence of the NEC SpectraView Reference range. A range which offers optimum colour management within hardware calibratable LCD displays for colour-critical applications, delivering the extraordinary picture quality demanded by discerning colour professionals.

The MultiSync PA301W option also offers excellent levels of colour accuracy and many of the features of the SpectraView Reference, including:

Save time and increase personal productivity - See your images and projects precisely as you envisioned them with a huge 2560 x 1600 resolution
Instant real-time resolution - With 3D Look-up-table colour emulation
Improved productivity and reduced desk clutter - Through easy multi-platform support

Future proof connectivity - Support of high resolution, 10-bit P-IPS colour signals is assured with the DisplayPort connector

The Color Confidence view:
“These new NEC monitors offer superb colour accuracy and a range of outstanding features, which means that photographers and designers really do get the opportunity to take advantage of displays that do their creative talent absolute justice.” Commented Simon Prais, Technical Director of Color Confidence “It is exciting to see these superb monitors become available, offering genuine choice and best in class quality to anyone looking to invest in a genuinely top end display.”

The NEC MultiSync PA301 and SpectraView Reference 301 models, together with a range of accessories including hoods, cleaning and calibration soloutions are available now from This online showroom also offers a wide range of support literature including a ‘top tips’ article, comparison charts, buyer guides and much more, to help customers make the right decision when purchasing a new monitor. Next day delivery is also offered throughout the UK.


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